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12 Oct 2006

VFP Extended MAPI

Extended MAPI – What is it and why should I care There are many ways of working with and/or sending emails from Visual FoxPro. Most of these ways I have explored in my previous blog entries: MAPI, Outlook, CDOSYS, CDO NTS, Shell, WinExec, w3JMail, BLAT, and EsSmtp. The entry dealing with MAPI uses what is known as “Simple MAPI” which is […]

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2 Oct 2006

VFP Compression: New File Information Functions

Blog Entry Updated (10/02/2006 12:27 AM):Corrected the signature for UnzipAFileInfo function. – Thanks Malcolm Greene. Bo Durban Rocks! Yesterday Bo (owner of Moxie Data, Inc.) posted a comment on my previous blog entry regarding the VFP Compression FLL. He said he would like “some type of information about the zipped files…”. Well, I messaged him the structure of the file information that I […]

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29 Sep 2006

VFPCompression Library (Zip/Unzip for Visual FoxPro)

This blog entry is going to be quick because it is going on 4:30 AM at this end. If I don’t get some sleep, the shadow people will be coming to take me away! Even though sleep deprivation has become a way of life at this end, I try not to over do it for obvious reasons. Wash, Rinse, and RepeatI’ve […]

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26 Sep 2006

Congratulations Kevin Ragsdale

I recently spoke at the Fox Forward conference. All of the sessions there were good and getting to hang out with the likes of Bo Durban, Dave Bernard, and Kevin Ragsdale after the sessions and in the evenings was a real treat for me. Attendees of Fox Forward had a chance to vote speakers for “Best Presenter” and sessions for “Best Use of Technology”. These were […]

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26 Sep 2006

Your Chance to Win a $10,939 Prize

I’ve been busy with work and speaking at conferences (most recently Advisor Summit and Fox Forward) so this blog has been sadly neglected. That having been said, Southwest Fox is coming up (October 19th – 22nd, 2006) and I will be presenting two sessions there as well as speaking during the keynote with Rick Schummer and Doug Hennig. I have […]

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3 Jul 2006

Visual FoxPro on Tiobe

TIOBE IndexVisual FoxPro remains in position 13 on the Tiobe Community Programming Index, but is still moving up percentage-wise. At its current rate of ascent it could be in position 12 in a couple of months. For those in the VFP Community that are given to superstitions that would be a welcome advancement. There was also a change in the way […]

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2 Jul 2006

Visual FoxPro Videos

Kevin RagsDaleJust in case you missed them, Kevin Ragsdale has created 3 VFP promo videos recently… Visual FoxPro 9.0 Promo Promo for VFPx at Project D.O.A. There’s this music loop he uses in the videos that began to sound like the VFP theme song to me by the time I was done watching them. I liked it. I also got a good laugh when […]

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15 Jun 2006

Visual FoxPro Progress

SednaX In addition to the administrative duties that I share with Rick and Doug, I’ve been working with Bo Durban on the GDIPlusX library. The GDIPlusX library is a pure Visual FoxPro reproduction of the Drawing related namespaces in .NET. We’ve coded well over 40,000 lines of VFP code and the library consists of 80+ classes now. At nearly 90% […]

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3 Jun 2006

SednaX and TIOBE

SednaX on the MoveSednaX will be moving to Microsoft’s CodePlex soon. With over 725 members and new projects being added every month, SednaX has outgrown the GotDotNet CodeGallery. Project managers and members need more tools to facilitate online collaboration and project control (among other things). CodePlex looks to be just the place for a community initiative of this size that continues […]

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16 May 2006

VFP World Domination Tour (cont.)

Tomorrow I head for Detroit. I’ll be speaking at the Detroit Area Fox Users Group (DEFUG) on May 18th. Special thanks goes out to the sponsors of this meeting, Innovative Programming Systems – Dale Zimmer, and White Light Computing – Rick Schummer. So, what’s the meeting going to be about? Visual FoxPro’s future and the ability of the Visual FoxPro Community […]

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