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17 May 2010

What’s Popping…

Busy, Busy, BusyI’ll spare you the daily details of a series of months that flew past in some sort of blur that I can only describe as exhausting, surreal and extremely fast. For keystroke’s sake, “Busy, Busy, Busy” says it all. That having been said, even though family emergencies and pressing deadlines are not yet a week in the grave, […]

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9 Aug 2009

Major VFP Encryption Update

The free vfpencryption71.fll and vfpencryption.fll have been updated. Changes include: Bug fixes for Blowfish encryption (including blocksize and allowing keysize between 8 and 448 bits) Bug fixes to modes CBC and CFB – operate correctly now. Added ability to specify padding, key size, block size, and initialization vector (IV) where applicable (these changes allow compatibility with .NET and other encryption […]

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3 Aug 2009

Apply Application Manifest at Compile Time with Projecthook

Some Time Ago…I wrote a blog entry, PE Files, UAC, Reg-Free COM, and Other Crazy Stuff – Part 2, that detailed how to view and edit the application manifest that is inserted into VFP compiled modules. I also took some time to explain why someone would want to do such a thing. The top two reasons most VFP developers want […]

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19 Dec 2008

Visual Foxpro JSON Class Update

JSON Class UpdateSince my initial post regarding this class, work has continued improving it. A number of fixes and enhancement can be found in the latest version… Fixes to parse method – There was a problem with brace matching for “{}” and “[]” when nested in certain ways. Fixes to UseUTCDatetime functionality – rules are now as follows: UseUTCDateTime = […]

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8 Dec 2008

VFPCompression Update – A Couple of Fixes and a Slight Enhancement

VFPCompression Bug FixesI received some really good feedback after posting my previous blog entry concerning this library from Curt Hamlin and Eduard. There were two bugs there that I felt needed some immediate attention, so in this blog entry I present a version of VFPCompression that addresses them.The first bug was the one that Curt Hamlin ran into where something […]

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8 Dec 2008

Visual FoxPro and Windows Desktop Search

Search RevisitedI’ve spoken about the work I was doing with Windows Desktop Search (WDS) and Visual FoxPro before on this blog here and here. Though the project I present in this blog entry began when WDS 2.0 was the latest and greatest, it was rewritten for WDS 3.0 and has been revamped some and tested with WDS 4.0 (the latest and […]

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5 Dec 2008

VFPConnection Update – HTTP Post, FTP Commands and More…

VFPConnection Library UpdateIt hasn’t been too many days since I posted an update to this library. The two big enhancements in that update was SSL support and a mechanism for tracing. It was fairly well received and appeared to work well for those that downloaded it, but I mentioned at the end of that blog entry that I wanted to […]

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1 Dec 2008

VFPCompression Update – Fix and ZipFile Comment Support

VFPCompression UpdateThis update contains a fix that effects the Unzip routines and a new function called ZipComment(). I’ve also updated the sample code and documentation that is provided with this library. The bug that was fixed pertained to 0 byte (length) files were being ignored when a zip file’s contents were extracted. The Zip routines were handling the 0 byte […]

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29 Nov 2008

An Update for the VFPConnection Library

VFPConnection LibraryI first introduced the VFPConnection.fll in an earlier blog post and the functionality it provided at the time was adequate for the task at hand. However, it didn’t provide support for some of the features that members of the VFP Community wanted. Most of the enhancement requests I received from them centered around two things: Support for SSL (HTTPS and FTPS) […]

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27 Nov 2008

Virtual Earth Class Library for Visual FoxPro

Virtual EarthBilled as “…the integrated mapping, imaging, search, and data visualization platform”, Microsoft’s Virtual Earth (VE) is an awesome mapping service that can be consumed and manipulated using the VE Map contol and JavaScript. In order to get a feel for what VE is capabable of, head on over to the VE Interactive SDK and try some of the examples […]

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