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27 Jan 2008

Sedna, DBI, and VFPX

Sedna ReleasedAs has been discussed elsewhere, Microsoft has released the RTM version of Sedna… Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 “Sedna” Add-Ons DBI ControlsIf you haven’t already done so, you should also download the ActiveX controls provided by DBI as part of the Sedna initiative. Sedna Added to VFPXSo we can start the process of further improving and extending the Sedna components, I have added […]

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21 Dec 2007

Windows Vista and the MS Progressbar Control

Vista Progress In addition to the myriad of UI changes that MS has made in Windows Vista, you’ve probably noted that the themed progress bar control (Microsoft Progressbar Control, Version 5.0 SP2) has a slightly slicker appearance. This holds true when the progress bar is presenting information regarding a deterministic process (0 – 100%) and when it is presenting a […]

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7 Nov 2007

Let the countdown begin…  

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4 Oct 2006

Windows XP Automatic Updates Nag Screen

Worst nag screen of all time I have been more frustrated by the incessant display of the Automatic Updates nag screen (shown below) then by anything else I have ever encountered in Windows XP. If you’re running Automatic Updates on Windows XP, then I’m sure you are quite familiar with it and more than likely you feel similarly to the way […]

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28 Mar 2006

Level Extreme magazines are now FREE!

If you’re not a member of Universal Thread, you may want to head on over there and join up right away. Michel Fournier, through Level Extreme Inc., has decided to make both the Level Extreme .NET and the Universal Thread magazines FREE to all members of Universal Thread. Thank you to Michel Fournier, all previous paid subscribers, and the advertisers […]

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22 Aug 2005

SPS Weblog Upgraded

Well, not too long ago I posted an entry saying that I had upgraded to the latest release of dasBlog, but then shortly after that they came out with another new version. I was late to upgrade the last time, and instead of getting behind again, I downloaded dasBlog 1.8 Gold (version 1.8.5223.0) today and set about the job of upgrading […]

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6 Aug 2005

The SPS Blog Updated

As my younger brother Daniel was reading my weblog tonight, he messaged me and told me that the “poker spam comments on your weblog are bogus”. One of the online casinos had obviously thought that my blog might make a good place to advertise. So, I’ve taken this opportunity to not only clean up the spam, but also update to […]

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15 Jul 2005

Take the MIT Weblog Survey

This is a general social survey of the greater weblog community being conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Some additional detailed information about the survey, privacy etc..Ran into this survey while reading Rockford Lhotka’s Weblog.

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