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15 Aug 2005

Undocument SYS() Functions

Most of what I’m about to show is more oddity than useful. There are a number of undocumented functions, commands, and other oddities (remember the mousewheel event being used to create a workable systray class?) in Visual FoxPro. From time to time developers will run into them while testing, or someone on the MS Fox Team will mention them, or Visual […]

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14 Aug 2005

Rubberband Selections in Visual FoxPro

The day before yesterday I was surfing my blogroll and came across an interesting post by Calvin Hsia — “Enable crop and zooming in on your digital photograph display form“. It was using GDI+ in a Visual FoxPro form and, since I am writing a series of articles for FoxTalk on the subject, it caught my eye. One of the […]

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13 Aug 2005

Splitter Class for Visual FoxPro

A number of other languages have a splitter control of some sort, why not Visual FoxPro? To be fair, I have seen some splitter classes floating around from time to time, but I thought I’d try my hand at it. I was convinced it couldn’t be too difficult, and Visual FoxPro didn’t disappoint me. Below is a download link for […]

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11 Aug 2005

New ReportPreview App for Visual FoxPro

The is a pretty good general preview application for Visual FoxPro 9. The look of it mimics the report preview screen we had prior to Visual FoxPro 9 and it provides much of the same functionality as well as some new features available in Visual FoxPro 9 thrown in for good measure. However, some Visual FoxPro developers are having […]

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7 Aug 2005

BindEvent on Steroids

The ability for BindEvent to hook into windows message events in Visual FoxPro 9 is great. It is no doubt wrapping the SetWindowLong API function somewhere in the source and facilitates the magic by subclassing the target window. My hat goes off to the Fox Team for coming up with this. But, what if you want to modify a messagebox before […]

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6 Aug 2005

The SPS Blog Updated

As my younger brother Daniel was reading my weblog tonight, he messaged me and told me that the “poker spam comments on your weblog are bogus”. One of the online casinos had obviously thought that my blog might make a good place to advertise. So, I’ve taken this opportunity to not only clean up the spam, but also update to […]

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2 Aug 2005

New Visual FoxPro Information Available

A couple of recent blog entries, a letter from the Editor concerning Visual FoxPro, and a fairly hard-hitting interview… is today Christmas? First, I owe thanks to Alex Feldstein’s Blog for a heads up that Ken Levy’s August 2005 – Letter from the Editor for Visual FoxPro has been published. Then reading a recent blog entry by David Stevenson, I […]

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31 Jul 2005

Spelling Checker and VFP

Checking the spelling in a given string, such as the text in a control, is something that a lot of Visual FoxPro applications can use. There are many ways to accomplish this.  Some Visual FoxPro developers use Microsoft Word similar to the way I did in my FAQ about it. Others shell out between $250-500 in order to purchase a […]

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29 Jul 2005

Craig Bailey and VFP Solution Explorer

If you’re like me and didn’t have a clue that something called the “VFP Solution Explorer” was being worked on, check out Craig Bailey’s most recent blog entry. I downloaded the presentation, and I can’t say enough good things about what I saw and read. If the “VFP Solution Explorer” and it’s lofty goals are carried out in a timely […]

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