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9 Aug 2009

Major VFP Encryption Update

The free vfpencryption71.fll and vfpencryption.fll have been updated. Changes include: Bug fixes for Blowfish encryption (including blocksize and allowing keysize between 8 and 448 bits) Bug fixes to modes CBC and CFB – operate correctly now. Added ability to specify padding, key size, block size, and initialization vector (IV) where applicable (these changes allow compatibility with .NET and other encryption […]

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3 Aug 2009

Apply Application Manifest at Compile Time with Projecthook

Some Time Ago…I wrote a blog entry, PE Files, UAC, Reg-Free COM, and Other Crazy Stuff – Part 2, that detailed how to view and edit the application manifest that is inserted into VFP compiled modules. I also took some time to explain why someone would want to do such a thing. The top two reasons most VFP developers want […]

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