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29 Nov 2008

An Update for the VFPConnection Library

VFPConnection LibraryI first introduced the VFPConnection.fll in an earlier blog post and the functionality it provided at the time was adequate for the task at hand. However, it didn’t provide support for some of the features that members of the VFP Community wanted. Most of the enhancement requests I received from them centered around two things: Support for SSL (HTTPS and FTPS) […]

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27 Nov 2008

Virtual Earth Class Library for Visual FoxPro

Virtual EarthBilled as “…the integrated mapping, imaging, search, and data visualization platform”, Microsoft’s Virtual Earth (VE) is an awesome mapping service that can be consumed and manipulated using the VE Map contol and JavaScript. In order to get a feel for what VE is capabable of, head on over to the VE Interactive SDK and try some of the examples […]

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25 Nov 2008

Visual FoxPro Grid Enhancements

The Visual FoxPro Grid ControlI’ve often been heard to say that Visual FoxPro’s grid is one of the greatest controls ever devised. I still feel that way, but wouldn’t it be nice if some of the functionality that our customers want implemented in the grid came stock? You know, features like: sorting, filtering, incremental search, saving user preferences, and exporting to Excel. […]

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24 Nov 2008

Professional Error Handling for VFP Applications

Same Old, Same OldFar too often developers will either not implement error handling in their applications (allowing VFP’s default error handler to prevail) or they will display a simple messagebox containing a few pieces of error information such as the values returned from Visual FoxPro’s Error(), Message() and Lineno() functions. In either case, this type of error handling is usually woefully inadequate. […]

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