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30 Sep 2008

Longitude and Latitude from Address String

Getting the Longitude and Latitude for an AddressJust finished answering a question out on UniversalThread regarding how to get the Longitude and Latitude from an address. Following is the Visual FoxPro code I came up with for doing it. I’m posting it here simply so I can find it later (maybe a few readers will find it interesting or useful too). […]

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30 Sep 2008

Using Excel 2007 File Formats in VFP 9.0

The ProblemsVisual FoxPro 9.0’s APPEND FROM and COPY TO commands are incompatible with the new Excel 2007 file formats (XLS, XLSX, XLSB, and XLSM). You may have noticed that I included XLS which you would think is supported, but just try saving your Excel 97-2003 XLS workbook in compatibility mode in Excel 2007 and then using the APPEND FROM command […]

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