VFPCompression Update

This update contains fixes to problems surrounding relative paths when compressing folders and files that are not relative to one another or the zip file being created. Previous to this version developers needed to send in .T. for the lIgnorePath parameter when calling functions in order to zip files and folders that were not relative. This was not an acceptable workaround as the relative pathing for subfolders would then be ignored as well. This has been a stumbling block for some in implementing this FLL, so I am glad it is finally fixed and sorry that it took so long for me to address this problem.

Special thanks go out to Sergey Berezniker and Elliot Selick. They independently reported the relative pathing issues and helped with testing once I had addressed the issues.

Sample code for using the library and the library documentation can be found in my previous post. Here’s the customary download link…

VFP Compression Update:

VFPCompression FLL Download (35 KB approx.)