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23 Feb 2008

FoxFeeds – Windows RSS Platform for VFP

Windows RSS Platform While I could go into detail about the Windows RSS Platform here, it is much easier for me to point you to the source which says in part… “…As part of the RSS support in Internet Explorer 7, users can discover and subscribe to RSS feeds within the browser. When the user subscribes to a feed, it […]

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22 Feb 2008

VFP Database Backup Made Simple

Backing Up Data One of the most important and simplest things a user of a desktop database application can do is to maintain a current backup of the application’s database. However, if the user doesn’t have some sort of software or hardware that makes an automatic backup on a schedule it is usually up to the software developer to implement […]

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22 Feb 2008

VFPCompression Update – Relative Path Fixes

VFPCompression Update This update contains fixes to problems surrounding relative paths when compressing folders and files that are not relative to one another or the zip file being created. Previous to this version developers needed to send in .T. for the lIgnorePath parameter when calling functions in order to zip files and folders that were not relative. This was not […]

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20 Feb 2008

VFP Studio – Code Editor Screencast

VFP StudioSince posting the countdown, I’ve been fielding lots of questions regarding VFP Studio. Some of the mystery surrounding VFP Studio has been on purpose and some of it has been because we (Bo Durban and I) are not yet sure what all is possible working within the framework provided by Microsoft via the Visual Studio Isolated Shell. However, in […]

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15 Feb 2008

VFP Uploading/Downloading Made Simple

Uploading, Downloading and More I’ve always wanted some commands in the Visual FoxPro language that would make uploading and downloading files from websites, FTP sites, and file locations extremely easy. Oh, and I also wanted progress indication for these uploads and downloads to be easy to implement as well. Having mucked around with various class libraries and 3rd Party components […]

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