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12 Jun 2007

Visual FoxPro: Sedna and Windows Vista

What’s Up with Sedna? According to Milind Lele, we should be seeing a beta of Visual FoxPro 9.0 SP2 and Sedna in the next month. Given that the May “Letter from the Editor” wasn’t released until the very beginning of June, I’m guessing that they’ll be released towards the end of June or the beginning of July. I guess I could […]

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11 Jun 2007

XAML in Visual FoxPro

What is XAML?If you haven’t yet heard of XAML then you need to get out more. This post assumes that most have at least a vague understanding of what it is and its potential impact moving forward. If you’re not hip to XAML then do a few Google searches, visit a site like XAML.NET, or get some info on XAML […]

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11 Jun 2007

Additional Extended MAPI FLL Update

That was Quick I know it’s only been two days since I last posted an update, but there were a few things still nagging me. I wanted to get them working, fixed. or updated and today seemed like a good day to do so. Improved EMSend The EMSend function now provides for an optional parameter that allows the developer to […]

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9 Jun 2007

Southwest Fox 2007

Speaking at Southwest FoxYou didn’t really think I would miss the big show did you? I’ll be speaking at Southwest Fox 2007. I’m totally stoked and looking forward to hanging out with everyone there. I’m doing a couple of completely new sessions at Southwest Fox this year. What are they? Well, I think I’ll let the conference organizers make that […]

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9 Jun 2007

A Baby, an Announcement and ‘Where has Craig Been?’

As some of you may or may not know my lovely wife and I recently had a child. Here is a picture of Scarlett Elizabeth Boyd (as requested awhile back by Tamar Granor)… Her older brother Chris is relatively ambivalent to her existence (not as cool as a Power Ranger I guess) and her mother is hard at work providing […]

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9 Jun 2007

Updated Visual FoxPro Extended MAPI FLL

Due to a deafening roar of requests that the vfpexmap.fll support HTML, I have created an update that includes an additional function called EMCreateMessageEx (not to be confused with the EMCreateMessage function used to send plain text). This new function provides the ability to send HTML and RTF emails. I’ve updated my previous blog entry that contains the complete documentation […]

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