OzFox Rocks Podcast

Just finished listening to the latest episode of  Craig Bailey’s and Scott Scovell’s podcast. I continue to be blown away by the quality and content of this podcast. I also favor the shorter format used for this episode (20-30 minutes seems ideal).

Congratulations to Cesar Chalom for being named OzFox Rocker of the Month.  Cesar is an excellent choice given his work with GDI+ and his volunteer efforts improving GDIPlusX. Thanks to the ever-helpful Andrew Coates for providing the plug for OzFox 2007, a Visual FoxPro conference held annually in Sydney, Austraila (the included blooper at the end of the podcast made me smile).

If you’re a Visual FoxPro developer, take half an hour out of your day and treat yourself. Yes, OzFox Rocks!