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15 Oct 2006

Updated VFP Compression FLL

Fixes to VFP Compression FLL There were some issues with the ZipString() and UnzipString() functions that have now been fixed. Also, the ZipOpen function was not working correctly when the following syntax was used… ?ZipOpen(“”, “C:\”, .F.) Issues remain There are still some issues with creating zip files and adding contents when they are not along the path of the […]

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14 Oct 2006

Vista’s Aero Glass for Visual FoxPro

Aero Glass Effects While there was a little fanfare regarding transparent forms when they first came out, it was a far cry from the excitement regarding the Aero Glass effects provided by Windows Vista. In my opinion, Aero Glass effects truly are the defining presentation element that marks an application as an application being run on Window’s Vista. So it is no great […]

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13 Oct 2006

October CTP of Sedna and VFP SP2 Released

October CTP Available The most recent CTP for Visual FoxPro 9.0 can now be downloaded from Microsoft. This release contains various Sedna projects (SQL Server Upsizing Wizard, Database Explorer, NET4COM, and MY for VFP) as well as an early preview of Visual FoxPro 9.0 Service Pack 2.0. Bo Durban and I have been messaging back and forth while we looked […]

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12 Oct 2006

VFP Extended MAPI

Extended MAPI – What is it and why should I care There are many ways of working with and/or sending emails from Visual FoxPro. Most of these ways I have explored in my previous blog entries: MAPI, Outlook, CDOSYS, CDO NTS, Shell, WinExec, w3JMail, BLAT, and EsSmtp. The entry dealing with MAPI uses what is known as “Simple MAPI” which is […]

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4 Oct 2006

Windows XP Automatic Updates Nag Screen

Worst nag screen of all time I have been more frustrated by the incessant display of the Automatic Updates nag screen (shown below) then by anything else I have ever encountered in Windows XP. If you’re running Automatic Updates on Windows XP, then I’m sure you are quite familiar with it and more than likely you feel similarly to the way […]

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2 Oct 2006

VFP Compression: New File Information Functions

Blog Entry Updated (10/02/2006 12:27 AM):Corrected the signature for UnzipAFileInfo function. – Thanks Malcolm Greene. Bo Durban Rocks! Yesterday Bo (owner of Moxie Data, Inc.) posted a comment on my previous blog entry regarding the VFP Compression FLL. He said he would like “some type of information about the zipped files…”. Well, I messaged him the structure of the file information that I […]

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