I recently spoke at the Fox Forward conference. All of the sessions there were good and getting to hang out with the likes of Bo Durban, Dave Bernard, and Kevin Ragsdale after the sessions and in the evenings was a real treat for me. Attendees of Fox Forward had a chance to vote speakers for “Best Presenter” and sessions for “Best Use of Technology”. These were awards (trophy and all) that would be presented to the winning speaker in each category once the conference had concluded. The results came in a few days ago and it appears that I won “Best Presenter” and Kevin Ragsdale won “Best Use of Technology” for his session entitled “Creating Outlook-Style Desktop Alerts with Visual FoxPro“.

For my win as Best Presenter, I’d like to thank the attendees that voted for me. As for Kevin, great job and congratulations! (truth be told – I was secretly convinced Kevin was going to win both awards given the attendees overwhelmingly positive reaction to his session)