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3 Jul 2006

Visual FoxPro on Tiobe

TIOBE IndexVisual FoxPro remains in position 13 on the Tiobe Community Programming Index, but is still moving up percentage-wise. At its current rate of ascent it could be in position 12 in a couple of months. For those in the VFP Community that are given to superstitions that would be a welcome advancement. There was also a change in the way […]

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2 Jul 2006

Visual FoxPro Videos

Kevin RagsDaleJust in case you missed them, Kevin Ragsdale has created 3 VFP promo videos recently… Visual FoxPro 9.0 Promo Promo for VFPx at Project D.O.A. There’s this music loop he uses in the videos that began to sound like the VFP theme song to me by the time I was done watching them. I liked it. I also got a good laugh when […]

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