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15 Jun 2006

Visual FoxPro Progress

SednaX In addition to the administrative duties that I share with Rick and Doug, I’ve been working with Bo Durban on the GDIPlusX library. The GDIPlusX library is a pure Visual FoxPro reproduction of the Drawing related namespaces in .NET. We’ve coded well over 40,000 lines of VFP code and the library consists of 80+ classes now. At nearly 90% […]

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3 Jun 2006

SednaX and TIOBE

SednaX on the MoveSednaX will be moving to Microsoft’s CodePlex soon. With over 725 members and new projects being added every month, SednaX has outgrown the GotDotNet CodeGallery. Project managers and members need more tools to facilitate online collaboration and project control (among other things). CodePlex looks to be just the place for a community initiative of this size that continues […]

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