Yes, I know it’s after 4:00 in the morning and I shouldn’t still be up. But, as I was sitting here working, I decided to take a quick break to see what I might have missed in my RSS feeds since the last time I checked them and I ran into a post by Rick Schummer about Southwest Fox.

It looks as though Bob Kocher is putting together another great Southwest Fox conference this year. The initial list of speakers reads like a Who’s Who of Visual FoxPro heavy-weights. Marcia Akins, Tamar Granor, Cathy Pountney, Toni Feltman, Rick Schummer, Andy Kramek, Jim Booth, Mike Feltman, Doug Hennig, Claudio Lassala, Ken Levy, and Bill Anderson are on the initial list. And, there’s also some mysterious guest speaker (yet to be announced). I’ll be there as well (doing my best to keep up with all of these heavy hitters). Keep in mind that Southwest Fox is a ways off yet, so there will probably be more speakers added to this already impressive list – though if the list stayed just the way it is, it would still be a great value for the registration fee.

If you’re a Visual FoxPro developer this conference is a not-to-be-missed event. If you’re a software firm that employs Visual FoxPro developers, then seriously consider sending them to Southwest Fox (this is the kind of investment that will pay big dividends). If you’re involved in your local VFP User Group, get 3 or more of your members to attend and Bob will give you a discount to boot.

For those of you that haven’t had the pleasure of attending Southwest Fox previously and would like to know what to expect, you can read about last year’s Southwest Fox conference out on the Universal Thread. A quick recap… last year there were something like 18 speakers putting on lots of power-packed VFP sessions, vendors were giving away prizes like there was no tomorrow, good food and beverages were in ample supply, and Visual FoxPro Community spirit was everywhere.

If at all possible, get to Southwest Fox 2006. You’ll be glad you did, and while you’re there you can help me celebrate Ken Levy’s birthday.