The functions within this FLL have changed. Please refer to the latest
documention for the VFP Encryption FLL that can be found at the
following link:

Major VFP Encryption Update

Rebuilt using Visual Studio 2003
Developers continue to have problems using the FLLs that I have created using Visual Studio 8.0. These problems are in installing the VC++ runtimes for FLLs, or the developers are turned off by the size of the runtimes required for these FLLs. So, against my better judgement I have created a Visual Studio 2003 version of vfpencryption, named vfpencryption71.fll.

My thoughts on this
This is not a good idea because it gets this particular FLL stuck in a particular version of C++, it makes me maintain two entirely seperate projects. The savings in size aren’t all that great (VC++ 80 runtimes are only 789 KB bigger than the VC++ 71 runtimes – yes, I know that msvcr71.dll is already distributed with VFP 9 applications, but even then we are talking something just over 1 MB in size difference). In the age of 300+ GB hard drives and broadband, the drawbacks just don’t seem worth it to me.

The VC++ 8.0 runtimes can be deployed by just copying them to the users harddrive as I’ve shown in a previous blog entry (see “Important note about the required C++ runtime libraries” in that entry), or they can be installed using one of the available installers provided by Microsoft, or they can be installed by creating an install for your application using installshield that includes them. I was hoping that I could convince most Visual FoxPro developers to use the FLLs that were built with the newest version of VC++. But, some developers are still having problems, or have expressed an adamant opinion that they do not want to be dependent on the VC++ 8.0  runtimes. So, I am hopeful that by providing this alternate build of the vfpencryption FLL that I am able to ease the pain somewhat.

NOTE: This will be the only FLL that I will be providing a VC++ 7.1 build for. All other FLLs and projects that I create for use in Visual FoxPro will be done exclusively using the newest version of Visual Studio. It is my strong opinion that Visual FoxPro and the applications that are created with it must continue to move forward. Please know that I understand why some developers want these FLLs to be built with the earlier version of VC++. I just don’t agree with it.

For those of you that are using the newest version (vfpencryption.fll) there is nothing new in this build. The functions in vfpencryption71.fll are the same as those provided in the vfpencryption.fll. The only changes will be in your Visual FoxPro code, SET LIBRARY TO will point to vfpencryption71.fll, and the VC++ runtimes that are needed are the 7.1 libraries instead of the 8.0 libraries as noted below.

Here is the vfpencryption71.fll (required VC++ runtimes are msvcr71.dll and msvcp71.dll):

Download vfpencryption71.fll (59 KB approx.)