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31 Jan 2006

State of the Language Address

The State of Visual FoxProVisual FoxPro and the Community that vigorously supports it has made many positive strides in the last year. With Visual FoxPro 9.0 in hand, Sedna on the horizon, and many Community driven efforts to improve and enhance the language, the state of Visual FoxPro is strong and will continue to strengthen in the coming years. Visual […]

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25 Jan 2006

FoxShow #36: Interview with SednaX

Doug Hennig, Rick Schummer, and I had the privilege of being interviewed by Andrew MacNeill for the FoxShow yesterday regarding SednaX. Andrew has the interview online at FoxShow #36: Interview with SednaX. If you’re interested in helping the Visual FoxPro Community improve Visual FoxPro through SednaX, this interview will give you more information on what SednaX is, what it isn’t, and where […]

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21 Jan 2006

Visual FoxPro Encryption – using VC++ 7.1 runtimes

IMPORTANT: The functions within this FLL have changed. Please refer to the latest documention for the VFP Encryption FLL that can be found at the following link: Major VFP Encryption Update Rebuilt using Visual Studio 2003Developers continue to have problems using the FLLs that I have created using Visual Studio 8.0. These problems are in installing the VC++ runtimes for […]

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18 Jan 2006

Registering the .NET ActiveX

Problems with registeringI received a few comments and a couple of emails regarding how to properly register the ActiveX Menustrip/Toolstrip. The problem is that even after registering the control with RegAsm, the developer gets either an error about the control not being registered or an error about a specified file not being found. The second of these error messages is […]

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12 Jan 2006

OzFoxRocks Episode 2 – The Surge

Craig Bailey and Scott Scovell have produced the second episode of their OzFoxRocks podcast. Great job guys! Their content is first rate and the back and forth banter between the two of them is a pleasure to listen to (love the accents). OzFoxRocks, a great thing to listen to when you’re up coding at 3:00 AM. Congratulations to Andrew MacNeill, […]

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11 Jan 2006

Regular Expressions in Visual FoxPro – Part 2

Just the beginningIn an earlier blog entry I unveiled a new FLL for Visual FoxPro that would allow Visual FoxPro developers to use Regular Expressions for matching. That FLL, while very useful if you are competent with regular expressions, was just the start of what’s possible. Now that I have a basic library that exposes part of the functionality of […]

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10 Jan 2006

Creating our own Fox logos

Now here’s an ideaBill Sanders announced (in a comment to a recent blog entry I made) that he is funding graphic artists to create 3-5 Fox logos that the VFP Community can use. The reason for this is that the Foxhead logo, that comes with Visual FoxPro 9, is a Microsoft trademarked logo that they are not giving us permission to use […]

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6 Jan 2006

Visual FoxPro College Competition – Sounds Great!

Electronic Filing Group’s Bill Sanders sent me an interesting email regarding a college competition for Visual FoxPro. Begin Email Quote —“efG is producing 2 College Level Programming Contests in the US this year, one for spring term and another for fall term, to coincide with and predate 2 VFP DevCons. We are looking for volunteers for 4 categories: 1. get […]

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6 Jan 2006

VFP foxhead logo is a trademark

Craig Berntson raises an issueEarlier today Craig Berntson wrote a short blurb on his blog raising the concern that the VFP foxhead logo (morphfox.gif) and music I am using in the Visual FoxPro promo video #1 and promo video #2 was infringing on copyrights and/or trademarks. I didn’t see Craig’s blog entry until I received an email from Microsoft telling me that […]

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4 Jan 2006

A Regular Expressions library for Visual FoxPro

What are Regular Expressions?Rather than spend thousands of keystrokes explaining what regular expressions are, here’s what the Wikipedia has to say. How can they be used in Visual FoxPro?The main way in which VFP developers have utilized regular expressions (if at all) in their applications is via the Windows Scripting Host. You can see some more information on regular expressions […]

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