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22 Dec 2005

Learning VFP 104: Error Handling

New Learning VFP videoThis video is on the topic of Error Handling. A far too often overlooked aspect of software development that is absolutely critical to creating great applications. Error handling in Visual FoxPro runs the gamut, from the familiar ON ERROR command used for procedural error handling, to the fairly new Try…Catch…Finally structured error handling. Visual FoxPro offers a surprising […]

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15 Dec 2005

Visual FoxPro is a Rising Star!

Thank you AndyI was reading through new entries in the blogs I subscribe to tonght and I came across a post by Andy Kramek that points out the TIOBE Programming Community Index for December 2005 (sometimes referred to simply as the TPC Index). If you look at the bottom of the Top 20 languages in the list you’ll see Visual FoxPro which has […]

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11 Dec 2005

Bar Graphs – Part II

Improving on yesterdayIn yesterday’s blog entry I showed a technique that could be used to create simple bar graphs. There was one thing missing from the bars on the graphs however, gradients. In any event, I decided to try my hand at a solution similar to the one shown by Calvin Hsia, but without all the quirky behavior that renders Calvin’s example fairly […]

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10 Dec 2005

Simple Bar Graphs via Grid and Backstyle_Access

Email arrivesSue Cunningham emailed me earlier this evening and told me about a cool use she had found for the backstyle_access technique I had explained in an earlier blog entry. If you don’t have time to wade through that blog entry here’s the condensed version: I showed that by using the backstyle_access method of a control contained in a grid’s […]

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6 Dec 2005

Saving and restoring settings in VFP applications

The problemOften in code Visual FoxPro developers will find themselves having to save the previous state of something in order to be able to restore it once some code has run. The usual culprits are: SET command (such as SET SAFETY, SET DELETED, etc.) ON command (ON ERROR, ON ESCAPE, etc.) Record Pointer position Selected Work Area The solutionRather than writing […]

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3 Dec 2005

Visual FoxPro Not an Endangered Species

Interesting column on Visual FoxProMary Jo Foley, the editor of Microsoft Watch, has been covering Microsoft for about 20 years. Seemingly out of nowhere she posted a column on Visual FoxPro. Here are a few quotes from the column: “Visual FoxPro is the Rodney Dangerfield of Microsoft. It doesn’t get a lot of respect. But I think this situation may […]

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2 Dec 2005

Learning VFP 102: Scope

New Learning VFP videoI’m finally back into the swing of things, and have produced a new video for the Learning Visual FoxPro series. In this video I explore SCOPE as it exists in Visual FoxPro for variables, arrays, parameters, constants, procedures, and object members. I also discuss certain Visual FoxPro commands that are scoped to the current datasession. This video […]

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