Well, after months of just a post or two (usually regarding the Letter from the Editor being online) and the occasional blitz of entries on what the greatest headphones on earth are (Ultimate Ears in case you’re wondering), Ken Levy is beginning to post more VFP content. Heck, there was even an entry that showed up a moment ago that contains some VFP code in it. Looks like the VFP Community aren’t the only ones that are getting excited about Sedna, SednaX, and the possibilities for the future. I am really psyched about this recent activity on Ken’s blog and looking forward to more. Blogs are playing an ever increasing role in providing the VFP Community with timely information and great VFP content, not to mention raising VFP awareness among other IT communities. No one is in a better position to lead the charge than Ken, so I am very pleased to see the recent activity on his blog and to have his promise that more is on the way.