Other than having to run across the entire breadth of the Denver airport in ten minutes to make my final connection to Phoenix, the trip down here was good. Though a few other hurdles and minor inconveniences were waiting for me when I got here… I won’t bore you with the details of a car reservation debacle or the withdrawals I was going through due to a lack of internet connectivity, I’ll just say that I am glad to be here, that the lobby of the Sheraton hotel has excellent wifi which they are kindly allowing me to use at less than $10 per day and that I almost feel settled in and ready for the festivities to start.

I’m not exactly sure yet how this whole thing is going to unfold but I will be reporting for the Universal Thread starting tomorrow. So, please look there for my comments and good Southwest Fox conference information as well as pictures (I brought my digital camera and may even record some video if the mood strikes me). This will probably be my only blog entry while down here as I don’t want to take away from the value of the content that I will be posting on the UT and I probably won’t have much left to say about the goings on down here once I am done typing up my daily report anyways. Anything I posted here would be redundant I guess.

In any event, I am here and I expect to have my socks blown off by some of the other presenters and the MS representatives that are attending… and hopefully I can do the same. I am really fired up about this conference, about the content that is going to be presented, and about the attendees/speaker list that has been created for it… this conference should be awesome and perhaps a bit of a kick-off for things to come in the next couple years for VFP. Have you ever had that feeling that things were just about to get really interesting? If so, you know how I feel.

Well, I got a lot of stuff to do and get done now that I am online, so if you’ll excuse me. I’ll be back on that UT page tomorrow with my first report from Southwest Fox 2005!