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Meeting the Challenges You Face

SPS offers a broad range of IT solutions designed to meet a customer's specific needs. Below is a general list of the types of products and services we offer. Even if you don't see your particular IT need in the list, please contact us. If a computer is involved, we most likely can help. If we can't, then we'll help you find someone who can.

Custom Programming and Software

Non-Profit Software Development

Database Design & Management

Database Conversions

Contract Programming

Web Design & Development

Intranet Solutions

Computer Repair & Service

IT Consulting

Graphic Design

E-Learning/Computer Based Training Modules

Multimedia Solutions

Software Support & Training

Outdated System Upgrades/Rewrites

Reverse Engineering
  server and notebooks

There are three main parts to any successful IT Solution. First comes the definition stage. Do you have a fully defined project that needs to be developed? Know that we're a detail oriented company. We'll create a product that meets those specs; every "i" dotted and not a "t" left uncrossed. But what if you just have an idea or concept that you'd like to see turned into a reality? We're here to help you nail down the feasibility, requirements and goals of that idea. We often create a prototype, so you can see exactly what the end product is going to look and feel like. We believe it's best to take the guesswork out of any project as early in the process as possible. In the end this leads to solutions that are created in a shorter amount of time, stay within budget and accomplish the goals set out for them.

Next comes the development stage. This is where the rubber meets the road; time to roll up the shirtsleeves and get down to the serious business of creating a world-class solution. You'll notice that our turn around time is one of the best in the business and you're never left in the dark as to where your project is in the development process. You'll receive frequent progress reports, detailed change logs, and when possible the actual product will be made available, so you can try things out as they're developed. Your feedback during the development stage is extremely important to the success of the project, so we take whatever steps necessary to ensure that you are always in the loop.

What about testing? Some software companies make this a step that happens after the development stage. We don't believe in this approach. Identifying problems as early as possible lessens the negative impact they have on the project. It takes significantly more resources to fix bugs and design flaws once a project is completed than to fix them as they are created. So we like to use a test as you go approach. Make the features that are already in the product work, and then add more functionality and complexity. Whenever possible, working copies of the current project will also be provided as the development progresses, and this provides an extremely valuable and time saving feedback loop between you and SPS. More often than not, you know how the product is supposed to work and can spot problems that might otherwise have been missed.

In the end, we'll deliver a quality product that performs as intended and you'll know you made the right decision in choosing SPS.

Finally we have the support stage. So what happens after the project is completed and I've paid my bill? Sadly, many software companies become unresponsive to the customer's needs once the bill has been paid. SPS stands behind all of its work. Should you EVER find a bug or flaw in the solution we've delivered, we'll fix it. Say it's 3 o'clock in the morning and you've just encountered a problem, no problem, call us. When you chose SPS for your project, you ensured that your project was going to be done right and that your solution would receive the support it deserved.

For commercial packages customers sometimes need additional services to help them sell and support the product that's been created. With experience in all aspects of commercial software releases, SPS can fill this need. This includes creating help files, training materials, install sets, registration keys, demo versions, and providing help desk support. We can even help you create an advertising campaign to market your new product including a website, direct mailings, and product shows. SPS is not just another software developer who can turn out a few thousand lines of code, we're a solutions company that can help you take your project from a humble idea to bigger than imagined.


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