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29 Nov 2005

VFP System Tasks-like Panels

Proof of conceptThe following is just a quick proof of concept, so please don’t expect coding brilliance or even real great encapsulation in the class library. With that having been said, I decided yesterday that I would like to create something similar to the System Tasks panel that is shown on the left-hand side of Windows Explorer (when the folders […]

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26 Oct 2005

Ken Levy’s Blog gets active – KenX is Alive!

Well, after months of just a post or two (usually regarding the Letter from the Editor being online) and the occasional blitz of entries on what the greatest headphones on earth are (Ultimate Ears in case you’re wondering), Ken Levy is beginning to post more VFP content. Heck, there was even an entry that showed up a moment ago that […]

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18 Oct 2005

Want to invent VFP’s future? “You can’t predict the future . . . but you can invent it” – Dennis Gabor I have long since tired of the endless conjecture and distorted perception by some that MS is the one holding all the cards or that MS has a secret plan to end VFP. With the extensibility that is in Visual FoxPro already, VFP […]

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13 Oct 2005

Southwest Fox 2005

Other than having to run across the entire breadth of the Denver airport in ten minutes to make my final connection to Phoenix, the trip down here was good. Though a few other hurdles and minor inconveniences were waiting for me when I got here… I won’t bore you with the details of a car reservation debacle or the withdrawals I was […]

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10 Oct 2005

Alex Feldstein awarded MVP 5th year in a row

Alex Feldstein has received the MVP Award for a 5th consecutive year. Congratulations Alex! You definitely deserve this award and please know that your contributions to the Visual FoxPro Community are appreciated by far more than just Microsoft. Thank you for all your contributions over the years and keep up the great work. For anyone who may be unfamiliar with Alex […]

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3 Oct 2005

October 2005 – Letter from the Editor

The latest Letter from the Editor has been posted by Ken Levy. They’ve put the What’s New in Nine book online, and it seems I’ve been made a Visual FoxPro MVP. Sorry I don’t have longer to bore you all with an overly egotistical acceptance speech, but I’m up to my neck in alligators at this end and as I recently told Bob […]

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24 Sep 2005

Visual FoxPro SP1 Available via Public Beta

Here’s a chance for community members to pitch in and improve our beloved product. Get your copy of the Visual FoxPro SP1 Beta and post your bug findings on the Universal Thread. The actual service pack is due out in early December of this year, so there isn’t much time to make sure that bugs that are still in the […]

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12 Sep 2005

Recent Visual FoxPro Articles

Shameless plugAs I’ve said in a couple of my past entries, I’ve been writing articles for FoxTalk 2.0 and FoxPro Advisor. I think as a community it’s important that we support these publications by subscribing to them and/or writing articles for them. They provide a lot of bang for the buck and the quality of the Visual FoxPro material they […]

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5 Sep 2005

VFP Random Password/Key Generator

Today I’m working on the Encryption/Decryption session I will give at Southwest Fox. And, while I was on the subject, I thought it would be nice if there was a simple way to produce random cryptography keys of a required bit length for certain encryption algorithms. So, I decided to create one in Visual FoxPro 9.0. It took all of […]

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