Busy, Busy, Busy

I’ll spare you the daily details of a series of months that flew past in some sort of blur that I can only describe as exhausting, surreal and extremely fast. For keystroke’s sake, “Busy, Busy, Busy” says it all. That having been said, even though family emergencies and pressing deadlines are not yet a week in the grave, I feel good.

What’s up with VFP Studio?

It is completely my fault (lack of communication) that this question is yet being asked. With the VFP Language Service finished, Bo Durban and I were headed directly into the Visual Studio designers (the next things we were creating for VFP Studio). We then found out that the designers were being revamped in VS2010 (not like upgraded… I mean completely revamped) which meant that we would have a suspect upgrade path for anything we created in VSX prior to VS2010. That, added to the already super-intense world of Microsoft’s VSX that Bo and I were living in, and both of us being buried in work, convinced both of us to shelve VFP Studio for awhile.

Other interesting or not so interesting VFP Studio related Fast Facts: I am not opposed to diving back in to it (VSX and VFP are very cool). I am still on the VSX-Insiders list at Microsoft. I have other things to do and learn at the present moment.

Current Interests and Work

  • Languages: VFP, XAML, C#, and VC++
  • Databases: VFP and SQL Server
  • OS: Windows 7 (new APIs, services, elements, etc.)
  • Technologies: (WPF/Silverlight 4.0 – creating presentation layers for data-centric apps)
  • Protocol: OData
  • Pattern: MVVM
  • Conference: SWFox (presenting sessions on Windows 7 and OData)

Until Next Time

There are some cool things I could post with this. But, then I’d sit here editing, and re-editing, this post until it was the way I wanted it and the example, FLL, or whatever I posted met my cool-enough-to-post checks. So, for now, I think I’ll just post this short entry. If nothing else, it should prove whether this “Post to Weblog” button still works.