VFPCompression Bug Fixes
I received some really good feedback after posting my previous blog entry concerning this library from Curt Hamlin and Eduard. There were two bugs there that I felt needed some immediate attention, so in this blog entry I present a version of VFPCompression that addresses them.

The first bug was the one that Curt Hamlin ran into where something screwy was going on if the zip file wasn’t somehow relative to the files or folders being zipped. The following code…

ZipOpen(“F:\MyZipFile.zip”) && note zip is going to F: drive
ZipFolder(“C:\MyFolder\”, .F.)  && note folder being zipped is on C: drive

…would result in an empty zip file being created (not good). While the other bug was the one that Eduard reported where the ZipFolderQuick function wasn’t applying the optional password to the files being zipped. To make a long story short, I was able to verify that these were actual bugs in the library, and I have uploaded a new version of VFPCompression.fll that fixes them.

VFPCompression Enhancement
Something that I didn’t like in the FLL was that in order to extract the contents of a zip to a particular folder that folder had to already exist in the file system. I decided that the FLL should try and create a folder if it doesn’t already exist when extracting, which it now does.

VFPCompression FLL Download (approx. 38 KB)

The VFP Compression Library sample code and documentation can still be found at my previous blog entry.