VFP Studio

Since posting the countdown, I’ve been fielding lots of questions regarding VFP Studio. Some of the mystery surrounding VFP Studio has been on purpose and some of it has been because we (Bo Durban and I) are not yet sure what all is possible working within the framework provided by Microsoft via the Visual Studio Isolated Shell. However, in order to provide a little more transparency and begin the process of getting feedback from the community I will be presenting a series of screencasts in the next few months. Here I present the first screencast in the series on VFP Studio’s Code Editor.

VFP Studio’s Code Editor, which is made possible via a Language Service Bo Durban and I created in Visual Studio 2008, provides some significant enhancements when compared to the editor included in VFP 9.0 including outlining, Quick Info, Intellisense for user-defined classes, line numbers, word wrap, VS-style navigation bar, improved Code Snippets and various other features we are implementing in to VFP Studio. In any event, here’s the screencast. Enjoy.

Link to View the Screencast Online:

VFP Studio’s Code Editor (approx. 9 MB)

Link to Download SWF for Offline Viewing:

VFP Studio Code Editor Screencast in Zip Format (approx. 9 MB)

Until next time… VFP Rocks!