Designing Enhancements for Visual Subclasses
-and VFP’s designers

I’ve been toying around with some ideas I had sometime back. I wanted to find ways to not only create sublclassed controls that work as dynamically at design-time as the VFP baseclasses, but also create additional designer features in Visual FoxPro starting with the Form and Class designers. The following 15 minute screencast shows how both of these things can be accomplished using existing Visual FoxPro IDE features and events.

[click to watch the entire screencast]

Just a Hint of Things to Come?
-I think so

The animated GIF above is showing a simple Visual FoxPro container control containing 3 buttons to simulate a scrollbar class. Creating a subclass like this is obviously very easy, however what you might find interesting is that the size, position, and even the picture property of the controls contained in that subclass are being dynamically changed at design-time (yep, that’s design-time, not to be confused with run-time) in response to my changes to the container itself.

Watch, Download, and Review
-feedback is always appreciated

If you are interested in how this is made possible and what it might mean for Visual FoxPro moving forward, then I urge you to watch the screencast and download the source code provided below.

Download the xfcDesigner Screencast for Offline Viewing (approx. 8.4 MB)

Download the xfcDesigner Source Demonstrated in the Screencast (approx. 8 KB)