Speaking at Southwest Fox
You didn’t really think I would miss the big show did you? I’ll be speaking at Southwest Fox 2007. I’m totally stoked and looking forward to hanging out with everyone there. I’m doing a couple of completely new sessions at Southwest Fox this year. What are they? Well, I think I’ll let the conference organizers make that announcement (I’m already scooping them here). In any event, keep an eye on the News and Speakers pages and you’ll know soon enough.

If you’re going to attend one Visual FoxPro conference this year this is the one! Besides all the great speakers, sessions, and the chance to see Rick Strahl sand-surf some killer desert dunes, I’d be more than happy to pull some all-nighters jamming on some cool code, FLLs, and ideas with anyone who attends. This is going to be a blast and you’ll come away with enough technical knowledge jammed between your ears that you’ll need an extra carry-on for your head on the plane ride home.

Do yourself a favor and head on over to the Southwest Fox Registration page today. I’ll see you there!

Southwest Fox 2007, Mesa, AZ, October 18 - 21, 2007