Fixes to VFP Compression FLL

There were some issues with the ZipString() and UnzipString() functions that have now been fixed. Also, the ZipOpen function was not working correctly when the following syntax was used…

?ZipOpen(“”, “C:\”, .F.)

Issues remain

There are still some issues with creating zip files and adding contents when they are not along the path of the files or folders being added when relative paths are being respected. These issues are being worked on, but I wanted to get this update posted since it fixes some of the other issues that have been posted. It should be noted that these issues do not make the FLL unuseable, but does limit some of the more advanced zipping functions that a developer might like to perform.

All links to this library point to the updated version of the FLL now. So, you can download the FLL from the link below or from any of the links provided in my previous blog entries about this library.

VFP Compression Update:

VFPCompression FLL Download (34 KB approx.)

VFP Compression Documenation:

A previous post containing documentation and sample VFP code.