Visual FoxPro remains in position 13 on the Tiobe Community Programming Index, but is still moving up percentage-wise. At its current rate of ascent it could be in position 12 in a couple of months. For those in the VFP Community that are given to superstitions that would be a welcome advancement.

There was also a change in the way TIOBE is figured this month… “From this month on we also measure the hits of Google Blogs. The languages that benefit from this are Java, Visual Basic, Ruby, and VB.NET. On the other hand, Ada, D, dBase, and Fortran have a lower rating now because they are not popular in blogs.”

I think this is a positive change. Likely to increase the accuracy and relevance of the TIOBE Index.

Tech Ed 2006 Press Room
I missed the fact the Mary Jo Foley had been talking about the response she got for her piece on Visual FoxPro in the Tech Ed press room. Thanks to Craig Bailey for pointing it out. To Tony Davis I’d say, later is not always greater. To Mary Jo I’d say, keep those great VFP-related pieces coming!

FoxPro might not be considered a buzzword in the circles you run in, but Visual FoxPro 9.0 is still the ultimate RAD database development tool. No other product available comes even close.