Kevin RagsDale
Just in case you missed them, Kevin Ragsdale has created 3 VFP promo videos recently…

Visual FoxPro 9.0 Promo

Promo for VFPx at

Project D.O.A.

There’s this music loop he uses in the videos that began to sound like the VFP theme song to me by the time I was done watching them. I liked it. I also got a good laugh when I saw that he was using Google Video. I guess Kevin’s decided that if Microsoft won’t market VFP, he’ll get Google to do it. 🙂 Great job Kevin, keep it up.

Craig Bailey
Speaking of promos, one of the best ways to promote Visual FoxPro is to create a screen cast showing how to use it. Craig Bailey did a wonderful job of this in these two…

SQL Server Access with VFP

Data binding in VFP

SPS Blog Rehash
In the interest of providing a blog entry with all the current VFP promos and learning videos that I know of, here are the previous promos and learning videos that I created…

Breakfast of Champions

2001: A Fox Odyssey

OzFox Lite Trailer

Learning Visual FoxPro 101

Learning Visual FoxPro 102

Learning Visual FoxPro 104

Know of any others?
If you know of a VFP related video that isn’t listed here, please let me know. I’d love to see them and link to them in my blog. If you don’t know of any but think you might want to try your hand at creating one, Andrew MacNeil of The FoxShow did a good white paper on some of the tools you can use to create screen casts.