In addition to the administrative duties that I share with Rick and Doug, I’ve been working with Bo Durban on the GDIPlusX library. The GDIPlusX library is a pure Visual FoxPro reproduction of the Drawing related namespaces in .NET. We’ve coded well over 40,000 lines of VFP code and the library consists of 80+ classes now. At nearly 90% complete it is safe to say that no other library on the planet gives Visual FoPro developers the fuctionality and power that this one does when working with GDI+. Cesar Chalom posted a recent example using the new library to create a gradient background for a form (the new code is toward the bottom of the page – compare it with the old way of doing things and I’m sure you’ll begin to see one of the benefits of GDIPlusX). To download the GDIPlusX library as well as other useful VFP enhancements that are being worked on go to SednaX and enter the Downloads Section. For those of you that want to help, get involved! SednaX is open to everyone in the VFP Community.

The number of active projects and members (nearly 800 now) out on SednaX continues to grow. We (Doug, Rick and I) are also receiving new project proposals on a near weekly basis. Given that SednaX is still much less than a year old, I’d say we’re right on track to take over the world.

Vista Toolkit for VFP

I also continue to work with Microsoft on the portion of Sedna that will help Visual FoxPro developers utilize some of the new technologies that Microsoft is coming out with. There was a substantial amount of R&D prior to actually starting on the actual products that will constitute the Vista Toolkit, but I am now working on the real deal as they say. It’s been a pleasure to work with the Fox Team, especially Milind Lele. He only cracks the whip every so often and has been receptive to input and new ideas. That’s not to say he as gone for every world domination scheme I’ve come up with, but he appears to have our (VFP Community’s) best interests at heart.

A couple of pieces that I’ve worked on that are being considered for possible inclusion in Sedna are for Windows Desktop Search (WDS) and the RSS Platform (msfeeds). Wrapper classes have been created for both.

Windows Desktop Search

For Windows Desktop Search (WDS) I wrote an assembly in C# that allows VFP developers to do WDS queries and return a recordset object. This is then turned into a Visual FoxPro cursor via XML. Searches with WDS are lightning fast which makes it a perfect fit for Visual FoxPro which is lightning fast when it comes to data. Here’s a screen shot of a form I created that is using this new Vista Toolkit stuff.


RSS Platform

To handle the new RSS Platform I created a set of VFP wrapper classes that can be used to consume RSS feeds (including ATOM). I almost had to create a C++ DLL in order to handle the event interfaces in msfeeds, but thanks to a recent blog post by Calvin Hsia, I’ve been able to implement all of the wrappers in pure VFP. I’ve found that if you ever need to do something truly insane in Visual FoxPro that Calvin is the Go-To-Guy.

MSFeeds comes with IE7 so with that in hand Visual FoxPro developers will be ready to harness the power of RSS. Here’s a screen shot of an RSS reader I am creating in pure Visual FoxPro that uses the new wrapper classes. Using the new wrapper classes this sort of thing is almost too easy.


Less Blogging, More Work

So, while you may not have seen the usual amount of high activity on this blog lately, rest assured that I am working hard to help the Visual FoxPro Community invent the future of Visual FoxPro. Progress in many areas has been made and will continue to be made. Of that much, I am sure. Next up? Renaming SednaX and moving it over to CodePlex!