SednaX on the Move
SednaX will be moving to Microsoft’s CodePlex soon. With over 725 members and new projects being added every month, SednaX has outgrown the GotDotNet CodeGallery. Project managers and members need more tools to facilitate online collaboration and project control (among other things). CodePlex looks to be just the place for a community initiative of this size that continues to experience rapid growth.

SednaX to be Renamed
Much like Microsoft’s Sedna project, SednaX was/is just a codename until something more suitable and permanent can be found. With the impending move to CodePlex, now is a great opportunity to rename/brand SednaX for the future. A message board has been set up out on SednaX where members can weigh in with their thoughts and suggestions. The front-runner at the moment appears to be “VFPX”.

TIOBE Programming Community Index June 2006
Visual FoxPro now sits in position 12 on the TIOBE Index and enjoys an “A” rating for the first time ever. It also continues to hold as the fastest climbing language in the index over the past year. A distinction it has enjoyed for several months now.

Visual FoxPro and the community that supports it are just getting warmed up! Speaking of which, did everyone see the cool Visual FoxPro screencasts that Craig Bailey did?