Craig Berntson raises an issue
Earlier today Craig Berntson wrote a short blurb on his blog raising the concern that the VFP foxhead logo (morphfox.gif) and music I am using in the Visual FoxPro promo video #1 and promo video #2 was infringing on copyrights and/or trademarks. I didn’t see Craig’s blog entry until I received an email from Microsoft telling me that the VFP foxhead logo was indeed a non-redistributable logo trademark that I needed to remove from my website.

Copyrights/Trademarks matter to me
As anyone who has downloaded any of my derivitative works knows, I strive hard to protect individual property rights and/or give credit where credit is due. In the interests of protecting and respecting others’ rights, I have replaced the VFP foxhead logo with two Microsoft approved logos in the promo videos. I have also replaced the soundtrack on promo video #2 with a royalty free copy of “Also Sprach Zarathustra” (a.k.a. the theme for 2001: A Space Odyssey) that I purchased. The soundtrack for video #1 is already a royalty free loop. I have also begun the process of removing the VFP foxhead logo from other places it appears in my code samples, screen shots, and the Learning Visual FoxPro videos. As some of these tasks are somewhat large, Microsoft has been kind enough to provided me with additional time to complete the removal. In any event, when you view the newest versions of the promo videos online you should NOT see the VFP foxhead logo.

Important Note: Those of you that have already viewed the VFP promo videos may still have the older versions in your browser cache. In order to see and use the new videos you will need to delete these SWF files from the cache. Alternately, you can download the zip files and view them offline. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Microsoft has provided alternate logos for use
I am providing copies of both of the logos that we can use in lieu of the VFP foxhead logo for anyone who may be interested in them. Download VFP9_Boxshot.jpg and Boxshot_VFP9.jpg. These are images of the Visual FoxPro CD case that has the foxhead logo on it (see bottom of this entry). It is my understanding that we are allowed to use these images as is. It is also my understanding that we can’t modify them other than simply resizing them, but we can use them on our websites or in videos such as I created.

I like these logos and really appreciate that they have been provided. I would even go so far as to say that the promo videos look better with these logos in them as it gives the viewer a better sense for what exactly is being promoted.

In the future
Should you come across any material on this site that you believe is infringing on someone’s rights – copyright, trademark, or otherwise – I would appreciate it if you would contact me directly as soon as possible via email or phone (both are listed on the SweetPotato Software website). I will work quickly to rectify the problem once I know about it. Thanks to Craig Berntson and Microsoft for the heads-up regarding these problems.

It is my understanding that these two logos are the ones that developers may use in lieu of the VFP foxhead logo (morphfox.gif).