Interesting column on Visual FoxPro
Mary Jo Foley, the editor of Microsoft Watch, has been covering Microsoft for about 20 years. Seemingly out of nowhere she posted a column on Visual FoxPro. Here are a few quotes from the column:

“Visual FoxPro is the Rodney Dangerfield of Microsoft. It doesn’t get a lot of respect. But I think this situation may soon change.”

“I think FoxPro is about to get a lot more relevant to Microsoft and its customers, and not just because Microsoft exec Eric Rudder (who some claim is Chairman Bill Gates’ heir apparent) served as the architect of Visual FoxPro 3.0.”

“It seems like Microsoft is bending over backwards to keep FoxPro from ending up as part of a musty fur coat. I can’t help but wonder if it has shown Microsoft that there’s value still in non-.Net-based products. In the same way that the success of Ajax applications led Microsoft to reevaluate its “smart-client-or-nothing” strategy, the hardiness of FoxPro and its users has led the Redmondites to give the Fox a second look.”

Email Mary Jo
In the column, Mary Jo also encourages the FoxPro faithful to email her with their thoughts regarding Visual FoxPro and the recent upsurge in activity and interest surrounding it. She provides her email address and some questions she’d like to see addressed at the bottom of the column.