The functions within this FLL have changed. Please refer to the latest
documention for the VFP Encryption FLL that can be found at the
following link:

Major VFP Encryption Update

Steve Tootill reported that the DecryptFile() function was not working for dbf’s. On closer inspection, I found there was a problem with the original Visual C++ code that was written by George Anescu from which the encryption and decryption features of the vfpencryption.fll is derived.

The problem is that basically George just returned entire decrypted blocks and didn’t take into consideration the original file size. To fix this I have added a single byte to the end of the file before it is encrypted that tells the decryption functions how long the original file is. This byte is read into memory and the decrypted file is sized appropriately… thus eliminating the extraneous padding characters from the end of the file. For more detailed information regarding this FLL please refer to my earlier post:

Visual FoxPro – Encrypt and Decrypt Files

Here is the latest download for the VFP Encryption FLL (NOTE: all downloads on this weblog for the VFP Encryption FLL point to the latest version)

Download VFP Encryption FLL (58 KB approx.)