Well, not too long ago I posted an entry saying that I had upgraded to the latest release of dasBlog, but then shortly after that they came out with another new version. I was late to upgrade the last time, and instead of getting behind again, I downloaded dasBlog 1.8 Gold (version 1.8.5223.0) today and set about the job of upgrading my blog once again.

The upgrade wasn’t quite as smooth this time as it was last time, but I did finally get everything figured out after about an hour (most of the problems I experience in upgrading have to do with bringing forward custom modifications I’ve made, not necessarily that there is anything inherently wrong with the dasBlog upgrade process). I haven’t had an opportunity to go through everything yet, but I’m trusting it’s operational given the fact that they put “Gold” in the name of the version. The number one thing I liked about this upgrade was that it got rid of the Spam trackbacks I was seeing from all those online casinos.

I’m a big fan of dasBlog and have been very pleased with their product so far.