Andrew MacNeill of AKSEL Solutions has been doing a stellar job with The FoxShow podcast. If you’re a Visual FoxPro developer, you’ll find his podcasts informative and useful. The topics run the gamut and it’s one of the most ingenious forms of homegrown PR work for Visual FoxPro that I’ve seen in some time. It definitely deserves the Visual FoxPro Community’s support, and on that note, I provide the following snippet from a recent post Andrew made on ProFox:

“… As some of you know, I’m hosting the Fox Show, a podcast about Visual FoxPro , software development, yada yada yada. (go to if you want to listen or subscribe in iTunes, etc)

I’ve been retooling the show of late and what I’d love to have is little “Fox Quotes”, quotes from developers who use FoxPro, promoting their web site and themselves but mostly FoxPro. (if you do want to do an interview, skype me and we can set it up)

If you can (or want to), just record a little MP3 (or WMA or whatever audio file) that essentially says:

Hi. This is __________________, from ________________.
I’ve been using FoxPro since __________ (version or year).
My favorite FoxPro feature is _______________. (if you want to describe it go ahead).
My biggest FoxPro gripe is ___.
You can reach me at www._____________________.
You’re listening to the FoxShow podcast!

Your favorites or gripes can be as long or as short as you want. This is more for “fun” filler stuff as I’m hearing from a lot of listeners that they are “lone developers” and love to really hear others talk about their stuff.

Email it to akselsoft at gmail dot com. Don’t worry if you feel it’s too long or whatever, I can edit it if need be.

Also, if you have a product, topic, or anything at all you want to discuss, shoot me an email, skype me, whatever and we can arrange it.” — end quote

I’ve changed his email address to obfuscate it somewhat from the spammers and hope that “akselsoft at gmail dot com is easy enough to figure out. I don’t mind people posting my email address without obfuscating it, but without prior permission or knowing the person’s preference, I try to be considerate.

Well, if you haven’t sent Andrew a “Fox Quote” yet, I encourage you to do so (mine went out today). As I’ve said before, there are many ways to support the Visual FoxPro Community and our beloved product. Andrew, if you’re listening… Thank You!