As my younger brother Daniel was reading my weblog tonight, he messaged me and told me that the “poker spam comments on your weblog are bogus”. One of the online casinos had obviously thought that my blog might make a good place to advertise. So, I’ve taken this opportunity to not only clean up the spam, but also update to the latest stable version of dasBlog (version 1.7.5016.2) since I was going to be in here messing around anyways.

The upgrade was fairly painless. I followed (to the letter) the instructions given, ran the upgrader command line utility, copied the relevant pieces over the top of my old version and ran headlong into a known issue with the titleList macro. A quick Google search and a single line edit in the source made quick work of this problem. Total time to upgrade 15 minutes… not bad, especially considering that I’ve customized a few different areas of my blog. I haven’t been through it end-to-end, but on quick review everything appears to be working correctly.

As for the spammers, while they can still post manually (there’s always a way for the determined) there are new security features and blacklists to help prevent as much as possible. And now, rather than having to edit the xml files (that make up the content of this blog) to remove comments, I can now delete any spam comments directly using the administrative functions (an obvious must for any serious blog engine). All in all it appears to be a pretty good release.

I noticed that another new feature I could turn on is permalinks that use the title of the blog entry instead of a guid. However, with the number of blogs and websites pointing to different entries on this blog already, I think I will stay with the guids, even if they are considered a little long in the tooth by some.

So, a big thank you to both my brother Daniel (for pointing out the spam) and the development community surrounding dasBlog (for another good release). I have something to say to the spammers as well, but decorum prevents me.